Ways to Protect Your Business on Social Media

Being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, in addition to handling day to day challenging tasks of business, is a hard but important task. Social media campaigns are an important part of the marketing toolkit, for any business. But, along with providing big benefits these tools can also  prove to be dangerous. For example, some businesses find out that their company name or their brand names, are being misrepresented on social media platforms. You might find out that your web copies, photographs, blogs and videos are being reproduced without your knowledge.

So, how can you protect your company on social media? Here are some ways to protect and monitor your business copyrights and trademarks:

-Intellectual Property (IP) and Social Media Sites

Trademarks – This law protects your company and product name from being used by another company, in a similar business. Your trademark can appear on your Facebook URL, your Twitter handle and your product specific Facebook pages. Reserve your company name on social networking sites as soon as possible, in order to prevent violations of your trademark.
Copyright – Copyright issues are a little complicated as internet circulation of content is not regarded as copyright infringement, but even then some portions of copyright law do apply on public displays. Once a work or an image is published, the creator automatically owns the right to that work.

-Monitoring Your Intellectual Property

Before embarking on a social media strategy, first consider how you will monitor your brand and online content. Finding time to do this will be tough, but you can take the help of tools such as Google Alerts and other monitoring tools like TweetDeck and Hootsuite. They help by    monitoring brand names, key terms and so on…..

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