PPC Ads by YBN Achieve Better Quality Traffic, for Lesser Cost

yahoo-bing-ppc-tipsGoogle has been, without a doubt, the leader in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, with approximately 67 percent share in the search market. Its AdWords platform is responsible for this success. Because of this kind of market dominance, PPC advertising is now exclusively associated with Google, which is not correct.

Another major player should ideally be considered in the PPC arena, especially because Google has an intensely high click rate for many verticals. And, that player is the Yahoo Bing Network (YBN). This network covers the rest of the 28 percent market share. Google delivers more ad impressions, as its audience is more because of its dominant market, but many of the verticals for YBN advertisers, have a very low cost per click rate…..

Google AdWords versus YBN:

The results of PPC advertisers on both YBN and Google AdWords platforms, for six different market verticals, has been compared. These verticals include shopping and classified, education, travel, financial services, internet related businesses and business to business companies…..

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