Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015


This New Year, companies are evaluating their marketing strategies to see what worked for them in the past and the improvements that can be made this year. Mobile marketing has escalated in recent years and there is no reason to think that this will change in future. Between the extensive usage of apps and the requirement of mobile-friendly websites, marketers are trying to accommodate new technologies and influence consumers more efficiently.

Following are some mobile marketing trends that marketers should keep in mind for the coming year:

Apps Are Still Creating a Huge Impact

Companies all over are garnering the benefits of mobile apps, especially the media, retailers and customer services companies.Mobile app development leads to mobile shopping experience, personalized content for the users and special deals by companies. However, the question is whether companies should have an app, as well as a responsive website.

Clearly, having a responsive website is a necessity as people are accessing websites from a number of different devices these days. Deciding whether an app is required or not depends upon what your audience’s preferences are. If your consumers are very ‘connected’ and need to be provided a lot of information, or you have products and services that are regularly purchased by consumers, then having an app is very important…

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