Evomantra Launched Its New Responsive Website


Evomantra has recently launched its new responsive website, which organizes different elements of the webpage to fit appropriately on any device. The new responsive website enhances user’s experience of visiting the site, on all kinds of new age devices.

A responsive website is one that uses flexible layouts, grids, scripts and images to change the resolution of the screen, to match the device on which it is being displayed. Simply said, responsive website being viewed on a mobile will have the same functionality and accessibility that it has on your desktop. This is because the content, images and video of a responsive website can easily be adapted to any device. Web pages can also be easily accessed through responsive website. Whether it is an iPad, smartphone, tablet or a laptop, users can visit the website comfortably.

How Is Evomantra’s New Responsive Website More Effective

With the rise of mobile computing, tablets are becoming hugely popular. Internet can be accessed from any part of the world and through a number of devices. Websites that are not responsive will not be easily visible and therefore will be hard to use. If a website cannot be viewed on a smaller screen, its bounce rate becomes high. This might cost a company not only money or business, but also clients, as well as the website’s placement on search engines. Evomantra made its website mobile friendly as more than 67% consumers state that they would like to utilize the services of mobile friendly websites.

Features of Evomantra’s newly launched responsive website:

It makes viewing the website, as well as shifting between devices with different resolutions, more comfortable

It provide optimal browsing experience

-The new website has personalized features, unique graphics and artworks, as well as mobile friendly systems along with advanced location integration.

It makes it possible to reach all kinds of audiences on the web.

Read more : http://goo.gl/m1MLgF


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