Promotion of Mobile Apps through Pay Per Click Management Services

PPC-for-Mobile-App-PromotionThe increasing demand of mobile apps has resulted in the market being saturated with them, making it really difficult for advertisers to make unique apps and then drive downloads. Promoting your app through PPC Management services is the most effective way of creating visibility for your app.

The Format of App Promotion

A new feature in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is the ad format app promotion. This offers you the option of having an entire ad devoted to your app, as opposed to it being an extension of your search ad. If your primary goal is driving downloads of your app then you must consider putting these ads into action. The objective of this new ad format is to make driving downloads of your app convenient, by doing most of the customization on its own.

Being as convenient as it is to set up, app promotion ads are also easy to download. They are linked directly to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. So, the customer just needs to click on download and the installation process will comfortably follow. These new ads are amazingly savvy and will just show on mobiles and tablets, if the campaign has app promotion ads. Other important features of these ads are:

  • Only iOS devices will display ads for iTunes and Android ads will only show on Android devices.
  • Tablet app ads will automatically reject mobile phones in search campaigns.
  • The device will have to be specified along with the operating system and device model that are being targeted for display campaigns.

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