5 Different Ways of Promoting Your Mobile App

Mobile_Apps_PromotionAccording to Wikipedia, last year there were 75,000,000,000+ downloads and 1,200,000+ mobile apps available in the Apple App store. As these numbers are increasing by the hour, the possibility of your app getting downloaded becomes really slim, assuming that your app is not the next Angry Birds or Doodle Jump. Facebook, Google and Twitter have quickly jumped to the opportunity of creating mobile app spaces. They realized early that the competition is growing and released new ad types, as they are designed to create app installs.

Following are five different ways through which you can promote your mobile app:-

1. Promote your app through Google Search Results – One of the best ways of reaching users who are searching for apps identical to yours, is by developing a search campaign for mobile devices. Apart from the usage of different ad type, these campaigns are similar to search campaigns that are used to direct traffic towards your website.

2. Users having your app in the search results can be re-engaged – The easiest part is getting users to download your app, but getting them to use the app is a lot tougher. Re-engagement ads make it a lot easier for users to get back to your app.

Read more : http://goo.gl/y8o0cP


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