Figure Out What You Can Gain from Conversion Rate Optimization

Apart from other marketing strategies, online businesses today make use of conversion rate optimization as well. The following article elaborates the benefits of the same.

Conversion rate optimization

From a simple task meant to promote the products and services of a business on the Internet, online marketing has now evolved into a highly technical skill. Only those who have mastered this skill have been able to steer online businesses to success. Strategies involved in online marketing are several, major ones among which are search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising and social media optimization (SMO). While each of these marketing strategies works well, marketers also need to implement another one known as conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Some people know a great deal about CRO and some others don’t have the slightest clue about it. For the latter lot, here is a brief overview. CRO basically involves the utilization of user feedback and analytics for making a website perform better. If executed in a cleverly organized manner, this strategy can help one acquire new clients, downloads and registrations. In other words, CRO can increase the percentage of visitor traffic thus resulting in worthy conversions from passive browsers. First, the marketer finds out what the visitors want from your website and them he/she offers them the same.

Knowing how important it is to keep up the performance metrics of their websites, owners of online businesses have now started to avail conversion rate optimization services in India. Depending on the key performance indicator that needs to be focused on, CRO strategy varies from one business to another. Hiring professionals is thus a much better option than handling the issue using the resources at hand.

Some of the major benefits of availing the services of conversion rate optimization experts have been explained below:

Decisions are based on facts instead of assumptions

Without CRO, many decisions taken by online marketers are based on assumptions. While the approach is not that bad, it is not very lucrative either. Conversion rate services, on the other hand, are all about manipulating the existing data related to the website to come up with a decision. Adopting CRO strategy is just like making a transition from “I think this is right” to “I know this is right”.

Profits Increase Over Time

Although CRO does not immediately boost the sales on a website, it does bring consistent profits over time. Besides increasing your revenue gradually, you can also improve your conversion rates and thus enhance your website with this strategy.

Benefits of CRO mentioned above are just the major ones. You will have more of those once you start implementing it.


SEO in India: Taking Online Businesses to the Next Level

With the inception of online businesses, SEO in India has grown by leaps and bounds. In the following article, we shall discuss its significance in online marketing.

If we thought of online businesses as astronauts and the Internet as outer space, SEO services would probably be the oxygen cylinders. It is a fact that online businesses depend on marketing strategies for their survival – SEO is a popular one among these strategies.

seo evomantra

To understand what SEO is, one needs a little recap of basics. Internet on the whole is constituted by content, images and videos – here the largest portion is occupied by content. Words are combined to create meaningful content that is posted on websites. This content is then reviewed by search engines in order to figure out which web pages are the most relevant to a particular search. Answering questions is the main purpose of these search engines. For instance, a person can enter the search keyword ‘watches online’. The engine responds by displaying the links of websites that sell watches. Ideally the top-ranking website on the top gets the maximum number of clicks. Intending to achieve the same, businesses hire local SEO services that can help improve their ranking on search engines.

Of all companies, those involved in e-commerce make the most extensive use of search engine optimization. In fact, SEO services for e-commerce is more like a lifeline that helps sustain companies selling products or services online.

Any organization that hires a professional SEO company gets to reap a multitude of benefits. Read on to know a few of those:

It Keeps You Away from the Technicalities of Search Engines

Understanding the algorithms of a search engine may be a piece of cake for professionals, but the same can be difficult for entrepreneurs – they will have to thoroughly analyze the way a search engine ranks websites. The best way to stay away from these technicalities is to hire an SEO company.

Preventing Plagiarism

There is always a possibility of plagiarism when an online business handles SEO on its own. Such possibilities can be avoided by assigning the same to a professional company.

Large Volume of Traffic

The traffic on the website of an online business is a parameter for its success – the more the number of visitors on a website, the more likely are sales on it. An SEO company takes care of this concern by attracting users with the help of keywords that are commonly searched for. For instance, if a website offers watches, it can be visible to anyone who enters keywords related to watches, with the help of local SEO experts.

Everything You Want to Know About Pay per Click Advertising


Most of the business organizations today have an official website. Apart from that, there are E-commerce companies, whose entire business relies on the website. To get more visitors on the website, these organizations use PPC advertising.

Significance of PPC Advertising in Internet Marketing

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to increase traffic on a website. Employing these services, E-Commerce websites can get a large number of visitors and thus increase their sales. PPC advertising is basically about improving the rank of a website on the search results page.

Today, there is a high demand for pay per click companies in India. For successful PPC advertising, one needs money as well as management skills. Many people use the wrong approach and end up losing a significant amount of money.

Before starting to work on PPC advertising, you need to thoroughly understand each and every aspect of it. There are several strategies involved in this area.

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

Owner of websites buy listings in the search results. Along with the non-paid search results, these listings also show up on the search engines. Through an auction, these listings are sold to owners of different websites. They can place their bid on the amount of money they can pay for a click on the listing. Most of the time, a higher bid results in better ranking of the website. On clicking the listing, the user will be redirected to the website which has bought it.

Uses of PPC Advertising

Here are some of the major tasks for which PPC services are utilized:

  • These services are used to run short term campaigns for a product or service.
  • It allows business organizations to sell the product as soon as the user visits the website.
  • With PPC services, one can bargain while creating traffic for a specific keyword.

Advantages of PPC advertising

Here are some of the major advantages enjoyed by those who opt for PPC advertising services:

  • Increases Traffic: Pay per click advertising is one of the best means for increasing traffic on a website. It helps many E-commerce websites to get potential customers. Moreover this approach is very quick.
  • Allows Better Management of Website: With PPC services, a website can be adjusted according to the market condition. It thus helps to eliminate the possibility of any major loss.
  • Nominal cost: The expenditure on PPC services is much more reasonable when compared to other types of advertising, Website owners can thus save money by opting for these services.

Top 4 Advantages of Pay per Click Advertising for Small Businesses

PPCOnline advertising helps small businesses in increasing traffic towards their website, but they generally have to work with very small online advertising budgets. Pay per click is one method of advertising which does not require you to spend huge amounts of money and increases your online traffic. Through pay per click advertising, businesses just pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. Clicking on the ad leads the consumer to the retailer’s ecommerce website. Following benefits of pay per click advertising help small businesses in utilizing their advertising budget to the fullest.

  • Keywords Are Planned
  • Gets Targetted Traffic
  • Advertising Is Free
  • Competitive Bidding

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Increase Your ROI with the Help of PPC Management Services


PPC Management Services involve Pay per click (PPC) advertising, which is a search engine marketing technique in which the company is required to pay only when their ad copy gets clicked on. These ads are found on search engine result pages. The click leads the visitor to the company website. If the bidding for your ad position and keywords is more, the more effective your ad copies are going to be and the more your website will rank on paid results.

Research shows that approximately $7 billion dollars were spend on online advertising, in the past couple of years. This shows the growth in online marketing as well as how competitive PPC management services are getting. Therefore, an excellent pay per click management campaign is most important for having a good ROI…..

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The Structure and Process of PPC Management Services

PPC advertising is fast becoming one of the most desired online promotional campaigns. PPC Management services in India help in the process of managing all kind of bids for the successful creation of profitable leads. The process involves clear procedures of following the conversion ratio of your website visitors along with keeping a check on click-fraud practices. With a constant analysis of the current PPC campaigns, one gets a clear picture of the advancement, which will further help in indicating necessary improvements of the same. These are some of the contributing processes of PPC management.

How a PPC Ads campaign works is that, you pay a certain amount for every click that is received on your advertisement. It is established on the bids that are won for specific keywords that you get your website listed in, on the first page of the search results. The PPC campaign is created singularly with the purpose of increasing traffic and ROI. The most sought after phrases or keywords get the most competitive bidding. It is important to bid carefully and a good PPC Management service in India can help you in this process.

The process of PPC management includes the following:
-PPC account setup: This is done through any of the PPC search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc.
-PPC keyword research: Key phrases and keywords are the basis of PPC management. An extensive PPC keyword research gives a good idea about the most wanted keywords and key phrases. This research is also about obtaining your own list of keywords, that will finally help you connect with your customers. Various advanced keyword tools are available, such as Google Ad words keyword tool. Other such tools are Keyword discovers, Overture keyword selector tools and word tracker.
-Creative Ads development: Your website being listed in sponsored listing will not help if your Ad reason is not right. So, Ad content that you are going to communicate to your customers becomes another important part of PPC management. A creative and compelling ad can make the difference between your ad getting clicked or not.
-PPC bid management: If something doesn’t pay back, you would certainly not like paying more for it. PPC bid management is all about helping you bid intelligently for specific keywords. It also helps in balancing various costs among Ads, terms and campaigns. PPC bid management brings a balance between cost per click and optimum keyword ad placement.

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The Right Marketing Techniques for your Business – SEO and PPC


Digital marketing campaigns ensure that your website traffic increases, providing your business the much needed exposure. The two marketing campaigns that can help in promoting your business are – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). While both marketing styles achieve the same goal, they vary in their approach, advantages as well as disadvantages.

It comes down to your awareness about your marketing strengths and weaknesses and also the time period, that will be involved in promoting your product or service. So, lets discuss the benefits of SEO and PPC and find out which strategy will suit your business best….

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