Display Advertising Trends in 2016

Yielding good results on a consistent basis, display advertising has now become one of the most popular strategies for online marketing. The following article explains some of the display advertising trends for the year 2016.

display advertising

Online marketing today is no longer just an effective tool for business, but also a means of survival in the tough competition for better visibility on the Internet. With nearly hundreds of online businesses battling with each other for more customers and clients, the challenges are getting harder for the professionals who handle digital marketing for these businesses. Starting from the obvious strategies such as search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, marketing professionals have now resorted to more intense methods such as affiliate marketing.

Along with other marketing strategies, display advertising also has become a part of the online business scenario. It is basically an online advertising strategy that is implemented in many forms such as rich media and banner ads. The reliance here is mainly on audio, video and images that are used to send a message for advertisement.
Every marketing strategy evolves into a better form of itself over time and the same happens with display advertising services as well. Any fluctuations in the online market bring about changes in display advertising trends – some of the trends for 2016 have been mentioned below:

Focus on Relationship Marketing
Entrepreneurs have now realized the role played by bloggers, brand advocates and customers in the promotion of their businesses. Furthermore, the wide use of smartphones and has bridged the gap between brands and customers. Search and display advertising services should thus involve relationship marketing, that is a large number of affiliate programs – those who endorse your brand can thus send messages to promote it. In this process, a specific audience can be targeted while preparing ads. As a result, the brand culture and value can be promoted along with the products and services.

Utilize the Potential of Virtual Reality
According to experts, virtual reality is expected to be a prominent trend in display advertising this year. Marketers will thus have a set of complete new worlds for advertising. While the way this advertising strategy will materialize is yet unknown, marketers would still be able to connect with certain groups in the audience such as gaming enthusiasts.

Give Priority to Mobile Users
Needless to day, online advertising strategies have been focusing not only on personal computers and laptops but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Display advertising, however, pays more attention to the audiences using mobile devices today. Marketers are thus trying to provide a better ad experience on mobile phones.

Adherence to the above-mentioned trends will ensure good results from display advertising. With time, however, these trends are bound to change and thus marketers need to keep a track of the same.

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